Travel Well, Travel with a Flask

A flask is a man’s best friend – and a woman’s – when traveling. Although you won’t find it in Essentials lists for travel, it doesn’t mean it’s not a must. Some things in life are too meaningful to be reduced to elementary listicles on the internet. A hip flask when you are away from home and on the road is definitely one of those things.


A flask will provide you first and foremost a sense of comfort and familiarity, reminding you where you’re coming from and will most likely bring up some nice memories. As it is with a hip flask, it was either got it from someone special or for a special occasion, or you bought it for yourself to mean something; nobody really accidentally buys a flask on a Tuesday afternoon. It is a purchase with intention.


So important yes. Practical yes. Stylish yes. Let’s look at three travel scenarios and see how a hip flask can and should come in handy and even contribute to the enjoyment and success of the trip.


Wellness Festival

The wellness movement has developed immensely in the last few years. From obscure weekends of detox and yoga lessons in remote ashrams it became a multi-million-dollar industry offering luxury retreats in the most exciting locations around the globe.


Wellness festivals are very popular among millennials who are more health-conscious than their Woodstock-era parents. A wellness festival might offer acroyoga workshops (the new, hip iteration of yoga, combining the ancient practice with circus acrobatics) massage and tantra sessions, meditation in the afternoons and of course an all-vegan menu. Festivals or retreats, workshops and trainings, the offering around the world is booming with sites like Zing Events listing hundreds of wellness events.


And that’s exactly why a hip flask is the perfect companion to a wellness festival. After a super-healthy day, you’ll want a sip of liquor, to get your head straighten out and help you transition into a sweet sleep.


Ski Vacation

Maybe we’re not the right folks to talk about ski; we never really understood how and why sensible people choose to spend a few days in a place that is colder than where they live. Not only that, but they spend entire days outdoors in snow-covered high altitudes! Brrrr.


Just thinking about the above scenario makes us reach to our favorite flask. So if you choose, on your own free will, to spend your days in freezing temperature with the almost certain possibility of falling into flaked ice and injuring yourself then please, for us, keep a flask handy and warm yourself up – please!



The second most populated place on earth, India is half country half tourist destination, but in a different way than Honolulu. While the Hawaiian city feels like a tourist agency creation (something like the Truman’s World of vacations) India is nothing but. India feels like the entire earth grew from it, like the source of everything. It’s the most real place in the world.


There are many different kind of vacation you can have in India; you can laze on a beach, you can trek in amazingly green mountains or you can bustle through mind-blazing crowded cities. The common thread of all the different types of vacations you can have in India is that you must come prepared, more so than if you travel to Europe.


A small example: if you travel to Europe, you can go into any convenient store or kiosk, buy a local sim card and talk away. Not in India. Getting a local sim card takes a whole lot of bureaucracy, time and a bit of Indian hassling. So in this case, you should purchase a local Indian sim card in advance, from Sim Raj or similar services.


And of course, you should bring your own hip flask with you. Believe us when we say, and we’re talking from experience, you’ll need that sip here and there to calm down and be able to take in everything that is happening around you and that you’re a part of. Also, it could come in handy at times to speed up things with the locals, if you know what we mean.