Personalized Flasks Are the Best Gift for Special Occasions

Flasks, by their nature, are a fantastic item for personalization and customization. A hip flask can be anything from a generic discrete drinking vessel, to a flashy and gaudy piece of jewelry that just happens to be able to contain liquor- they can truly be as unique as those who are set to receive them; as for the best hip flasks, they are the ones you treasure the most. Leather bound or wooden flasks for the outdoorsy and earthy types, sterling silver and glass for the refined individuals, and everything in between.

A cursory knowledge of the materials available, as well as the variety of possible customization options for flasks, should be enough to get your brain working on something really good.

Novelty Flasks – a Unique Accessory

One of the most popular options is the novelty hip flask. There is no single novelty flask, of course, they range in quality, art style, color, size, design, and material. There are James Bond flasks, comically large flasks, smart quotes and really anything else you can think of.

The trick here is to know who you are buying for and to plan accordingly. If the person is an avid traveler for example, maybe they would enjoy one of the many travel ready smaller flasks, perhaps even one that looks like a camera lens for discreet travel drinking.

A novelty flask is also good when doing mass gifting – Party favors or something similar. You can buy a lot of novelty flasks, relatively cheaply, that match the theme to your party – this makes a memorable and usable (at the party) gift.

Why Engraved Flasks Are Just Cool

Engraved flasks are the classier rendition of a novelty flask. Generally made from higher quality materials – engraved flasks can be a fantastic option to commemorate a special event, ceremony or location.  Popular options include: Personalized hip flasks for her or him (new household set), a commemorative event flask, engraved flasks for men and women who are retiring, etc.

When it comes to gifts,  engraving lets you personalize a flask and turn into a symbol of remembrance or status.

Even when you are just rocking a flask on a typical night out, pulling an engraved titanium flask out with your name or a poignant quote on it is a quick way to flash a bit of class, fun, and style all at once. It is the perfect personalized accessory when being dapper is a must.

One of the bars near me sold and gave away engraved flasks for their ten year anniversary, and I’ve been using it off and on ever since. I also just had a flask engraved for my cousin’s retirement from the Marine Corps with his rank and name, I expect that to go over well.

Stylish Monogrammed Flasks for Groomsmen

Like with engravings, monogrammed hip flasks are a good option for commemorating an event or personalizing a gift for someone special. Monograms are typically a bit more cost efficient, and are commonly used for flasks being given out in sets – a popular example is monogrammed and customized groomsmen flasks at weddings. In that same vein any party or occasion where you are likely to be taking shots or will be full of people who appreciate such a thing, can benefit from a commemorative flask – especially when there are just too many to afford to engrave.

Custom Flasks for Bridesmaids

Just as with the previous groomsmen example, bridesmaids will also love a unique set of matching or personalized flasks. Flasks are a straightforward and efficient way to commemorate a wedding with something unique. Many brides opt for custom made flasks for the bridal party. Custom Hip flask easily can be made to fit any theme and location.

The bridesmaid trend is something that has quickly been picking up steam and popularity.

Join the Party – Personalized Hip Flask Set

Personalized sets, as stated before, can be tweaked to fit any scenario, and event. A little creativity can go a long way in these sorts of sets. Whether a wild west themed birthday or something like a movie release party, a scene setting hip flask is the perfect addition.

In All Shapes & Sizes – Types of Engraved Hip Flasks for Men & Women

As with all of these examples, the real strength of gifting a flask is the wide assortment of sizes, colors, materials and design options available to you. Common materials include, but are not limited to, stainless steel, leather, glass, silver, and metal.  A material like sterling silver will set your wallet back quite a bit -but you will literally be drinking from a piece of jewelry – while a beautiful wood flask will be much cheaper, but will also have a good natural feel.

The sizes can vary greatly when it comes to pocket flasks (well as long as it fits in your pocket, then it just becomes an ordinary flask I guess). 6oz and 8oz are the average generally, but as small as 4 oz and as large as 12 oz aren’t all that rare.

A Few Words on Gifting

The world of gift giving has simultaneously gotten both simpler and more complex over the last few years. Gift giving is easier in the sense that nearly anything you can think to buy can be quickly located and purchased with only a few clicks. There are also plenty of programs that assist people in making wish lists or in getting matched to similar products they may enjoy.

This same ease of use and one-click purchasing has also inherently made gift giving more complex. With limitless options comes the unlimited potential for both success and failure.

Finding the right gift amongst so many choices can be nerve racking, and the expectations for something unique also becomes higher as well. While most people will be happy with most anything you give them, you probably want to make sure that your gift is something they will remember and actually want.

For me, one of the best gifts I ever received was a leather bound, pewter flask – I didn’t realize it at the time, but that simple gift would go on to save me countless dollars and would spice up more than one flagging event.

Although I was never a huge drinker, at least not enough to ever warrant me purchasing a flask for myself, the gift quickly became one of my most beloved objects. Whether I’m using it to avoid paying $9 a beer at a baseball game, or as a quick social lubricant at a wedding, a flask can make a ton of events just a bit better (and a bit cheaper).

In addition to their utility, the nature of flasks allows them to be highly customizable – capable of fitting in in almost any scene. For that reason, I wanted to spend a little time talking about flasks, how they can be turned into a great gift, and some of the better options out there.