Hip Flasks for Women – Boozing in Style

by Kyla Bee

Ladies let’s face one simple truth- sometime you just need to face life with a good old fashioned swig from a fabulous flask. Flash back to Rihanna’s Grammy flask performance as she showed off her sparkly pink booze container without a single care. Whether attached to garter or carefully woven into a bra, hip flasks for women have diversified in discreet yet daunting ways.

Best Bracelet Flasks

Introducing the bracelet flask, an accessory in every millennial’s jewelry flask collection and the one that sparked the current storm of hip flasks for women. Thankfully, glitzy statement bracelets are all the rage with a maxi dress or denim jacket. That means the sky is the limit when it comes to your statement pieces, including storing a few ounces of your favorite drink.

Just picture yourself at the club, waving your hands around and suddenly feeling thirsty. You carefully unscrew your girly flask, take a sip and keep on dancing nonchalantly. You save on pricey shots at the bar without needing to shove past people and yell at the top of your lungs just to order.

The bracelet flask contains a full glass of wine or about 3 tall shots of the strong stuff. While that is definitely not enough for a hardworking and ambitious millennial such as yourself, because we know you play hard like you work hard, you would need to keep your alcohol stock close by.

Alright, we know what you’re thinking-this thing looks a bit tacky. We negate your argument with a who-the-hell cares. It contains enough booze to buzz you on a Saturday afternoon at your nephew’s boring soccer game.

Stylish Belt Buckle Flasks

That is, until you got yourself a belt buckle flask. There’s always that guy you’ve met who prides himself on his belt buckle. This could be for two reasons-one being that he does truly pride himself in his belt buckle, the other being that he just wants you to look down at his crotch in plain sight.

Now you get to feel like the confident belt buckle guy as you wear your drinking badge of honor with pride and discretion. Well, maybe not that much discretion but at least a bad-ass attitude of ready to get your party on anywhere anytime.

A typical belt buckle will be a stainless steel design to go with any belt. You can purchase them with a belt set in fact. Their minimalistic design is charming and with a price range between $7 and $12.

A great return on investment if you think of all you can spend on a few beer bottles at a public venue or event.

Tap into your inner confident cowgirl, choose wisely from amongst the many trendy hip flasks out there and your buckle will serve you well.

Garter Flasks for Ladies

Speaking of the Wild West, garter flasks have an interesting history. Not only were they widely used by the “painted ladies” of the Old West, they were also increasingly popular during the act of Prohibition in 1920’s America. The law banned alcohol consumption completely which naturally meant that hip flasks were prohibited.

Enter garter hip flasks for women – a discreet inconspicuous way for women to drink with a simple lifting of the skirt and a swig and the one that ignited the hip flasks for women revolution. In today’s context, a garter flask is more of a bachelorette party gift or a costume party accessory.

And then there’s you- a faithful flask enthusiast with the will to conceal your drink and enjoy yourself no matter what. You could also seriously impress your friends and perhaps attract a partner to take a swig with. A garter flask simply adds to your cool factor in that sense.

Interestingly enough, 18th century flasks were accompanied by monogrammed or personalized notes. You can get yours personalized on platforms like Etsy or any customizing specialist that can take your thigh size and other requests for perfect results. Choose from a variety fabric, lace and different brocades. 

Cool Purse Flasks

The purse flask is perhaps the most ingenious method to conceal your wine or whiskey and blend-in with any event. This stylish accessory is an excellent beach companion or for a girl’s night out.

It is actually insulated to keep your drinks cold and fresh. For further discretion, the spout is even hidden by a handy flap. The polyester lining also protects from any leakage with its absorbent qualities in addition to being super cute.

Not to mention the actual amount of alcohol it can contain- a whole 3 liters, not ounces. It also fits your wallet, keys and has pockets for your cellphone. Can you ask for anything more? No need to unscrew or take off a flask cap, just push the spout, tilt and pour.

Just picture yourself at a bonfire, dancing around your glorious purse flask, pouring out more booze for your friends and having the best time. You could also mix it up at more toned-down events such as gallery exhibitions or museum visits with your aunt. Spice it up and suddenly a boring painting can become extremely entertaining.

Personalized Flasks for Her

Personalized flasks are a trendy yet underrated gift suited to many occasions. What is more thoughtful than a unique, personalized and monogrammed gift for a significant other? Imagine receiving a nifty stainless steel flask engraved with a quote or inside joke as a birthday present, you’d likely be very moved and excited.

Let’s not leave out fathers-in-law. Everybody knows these are the hardest people to impress with their steep demands and traditional values. Nothing sends a message of loyalty and tradition like a flask with a quote by Hemmingway. Some even come with cigars or a deck of cards. Soon you’ll be a favorite with even the most difficult in-laws.

Anniversaries are also a great occasion for engraved flasks since you can customize them to no end. Much like the engraving in a wedding band, a personalized a flask is a romantic touch that only the couple would understand and appreciate.

They come of course in a variety of sizes and contain different amounts of your favorite alcohol. If you want a concealable flask, keep it in the 4 to 6 oz range.

Girly Flasks for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaidzillas everywhere want to be in two permanent states on or before the big day- to be pampered and pleasantly inebriated. Naturally, the bridesmaid flask would include the typical garter flask, but it goes much farther than that.

It’s a good idea to start with a sassy personalized flask. Not just any quote though- it needs to adhere to a bridesmaid’s state of being between comfort and drunken disorientation. Our personal favorite is the “Bye Felicia” flask. Inspired by the 1990s flick, the quote is a pop culture staple for good laughs and vibes.

Then there’s the personalized or monogramed flasks. You want to keep these pink and sassy, or simple and classy. You can go for the single letter first name initial on a pink sparkly background or a classy calligraphy monogram on a black somber background. Many brides actually choose to place an emphasis on the flask meant for the maid of honor by engraving the title below her initial.

DIY flasks are equally fun and can be a great bonding experience between bridesmaids. Let’s face it- breaking the ice between bridesmaids can be a challenge. The initial “where do you know the bride from” doesn’t always thaw the frost. Making DIY flasks can do the trick with a glass of wine and tons of glitter.

Bra Flask & Other Hidden Flasks for Women

We have to acknowledge the seriously creative and borderline disturbing hidden flasks initiatives found on the net. You can actually order the following flask accessories and start redefining the typical flask appearance.

So there’s a bra flask on the market. People are actually ordering a bra which takes you from a small B to a full C cup with 25 oz of storage space. It’s pretty straight forward-a sports bra with pockets on the front to fit a bra shaped plastic sleeve. You literally place two cup-sized containers that look like silicone pads into each side of the bra and fit a drinking tube through a hole on the side for you to sip on-starting at $30.

And then there are the MacGyver-like contraptions for your booze. The umbrella flask is actually a bottle concealed in a hand-held umbrella shell with polka dots and what looks like a handle. Unscrew the top, pour and you’re set. It may look a bit odd if you’re using this one at the beach however.

This is why the brilliant sun lotion bottle flask is so necessary. It looks like a genuine sunscreen lotion with a logo, a tagline and an SPF rating, yet unscrew the cap and protect yourself from rays of boredom instead.

If tanning and drinking wasn’t enough, you can also groom and drink with a hairbrush flask. Some hair brushes have a large square brushing surface and this manufacturer put it to good use. The bottom of the brush can be removed for a quick hairbrush swig. It’s a wonderful world, the world of hidden flasks for women.

The Feminine Hip Flasks for Women We Want to See

Now that we’ve taken you through the best and quirkiest flask accessories, we’d like to share some of our own suggestions for more girly flasks.

Having an ample derriere is an important asset these days. If women are already comfortable wearing booty silicone pads, we don’t see why they can’t be filled with wine. Granted, you’d have to sip while standing, but it could definitely work for an outdoor event and chances are that you’ll finish 6 oz pretty quickly.

A pendant necklace would also be a necessary and unique accessory. By pendant we mean one that does not actually look like a flask but like a nice piece of jewelry. Imagine a statement necklace to help break your social anxiety at any function. You would steal away to a corner, lift up your stylish pendant, take a sip and get back to the party.

Another interesting flask could be the beach hat flask. Tucked inside a straw Panama hat is a 3 oz pouch that can also cool your drink. Think of it as a refined beer can helmet.

The heel flask is perhaps a slightly less convenient procedure, yet it can serve as the ultimate hiding place. Pop off your heal, swivel the bottom and pour. In this case you probably wouldn’t want to drink directly from the bottom of a stiletto but the end result is your satisfying liquor.

Imagine… if this heel would be a flask

The Feminine Flask Guide for Boozing in Style

Flaskaholic Flasks for Women Infographic