Hip Flasks for Men – a Man’s Best Friend

Are dogs man’s best friend? Well, some dogs are, to some men. But we would like to suggest an alternative best friend to men – the cool hip flask.

Yes, these are challenging times we live in so a discreet swig here and there can make all the difference. The hip flask has never really gone out of fashion, but it’s definitely back.

A flask is a manly accessory in an era when metrosexuality is embraced.

A flask is a fashion statement for men who are not into fashion.

A flask is an up enhancer for those moments that seem to drag you down.

A flask is cool. Simple as that. 

So for all you men out there looking to accessorize, looking to not-make a fashion statement, looking to elevate deflated spirits or simply looking to be cool – here are some unique types of flasks, the best hip flasks for men.

Stainless Steel Flasks – The Calm, Cool Hip Flask

I personally think the stainless steel flask with a black stained leather wrapping and an engraving marking the occasion is the perfect balance between beauty and function, plus the black goes fantastic with the suits.

Copper Flasks – The Man’s Man Flask

For the rustically themed events, or if you are just looking for something with a bit of unique flair, a copper flask may be the right choice. There are 200-year-old companies that still make the same copper flasks they did at their inception.

A-La Natural Flask for Him

If you are having an outdoor wedding, consider some nice custom wood flasks. These are gaining popularity and will make for some truly unique gifts. The wood also gives them a nice rugged look and feel.

Titanium Flasks – Some Say It’s The Best Flask

If your posse is the type that appreciates a good whiskey or scotch, look into titanium flasks. Titanium is inert, so it won’t adjust the taste of your liquor. This is also an incredibly tough material – perfect for withstanding any drops or falls that are likely to occur once its contents are finished off.

Personalized Hip Flasks for Men

There are also groomsmen flask sets you can look into. These usually come in nice packaging and are accompanied by shot glasses, carrying cases and some other nifty accessories. A flask, lighter, cigar combo box was my personal choice. The options for customization for such a classic item are endless.

As a side note: You may want to opt for the medium sizes. The groomsmen are likely to finish off whatever you give them quickly, and unless you want one of them twerking on stage by the end of the night, it’s best to avoid the bigger options (That is, sadly, a true story- thanks, Adam).

Groomsmen Flasks for Your Consideration

Depending on how much you want to shell out for a flask, the options can be endless. On the extravagant side, you have Pewter and even sterling silver flasks – both of which can be considered true things of beauty, more akin to a beautiful watch than a bottle – and they go great with suits. If you aren’t willing to pay upwards of a thousand dollars just to get your 3-5 (or so) dudes drunk, there are still a ton of classy inexpensive options of hip flasks for men.

Now, Let’s Talk Weddings

image by Mitchell Orr

Your relationship only gets one shot at the perfect wedding. The food, the decorations, the music – it must all be in sync – and above all, the guests must have fun. There is arguably no other role in the wedding more responsible for the overall tempo and mood at a wedding than the groomsmen.

In 90% of the weddings I’ve gone to the groomsmen provide the comic relief, the speeches about how grown up (yet still a baby the groom is), and all in all make an effort to humiliate themselves just a little bit on the dance floor in order to get the rest of attendees to relax and join in.

This is why it’s important the groomsmen feel confident. How do you make groomsmen feel confident? Alcohol. Really. A properly sauced friend is the ultimate icebreaker for any mood or event. This is why one of the best gifts for the groomsmen is a custom hip flask. Nothing says “I appreciate you, thank you for coming, now start drinking.” quite like a custom embroidered flask.

And before you ask, no, you can’t just drink straight from the bottle. You barbarians.

image by Tom Pumford

Hip flasks for men have recently made a comeback in high society. A well-dressed man with an engraved pewter flask is a far cry from the flask stereotypes of the past. Well-dressed groomsmen with equally stylish drinking utensils are a perfect accessory to any fancy shindig.

image by Kats Weil

Really, a wedding is about having fun, celebrating two people coming together, and giving thanks to all those who supported you on your journey there. While getting your best friends nice and boozed up will make for a good time, giving them a gift that lasts decades (if not more) and commemorates the importance of that friendship cannot be understated. Like friends, a good flask can last a lifetime.

Best Flasks for Men