About Flaskaholic

Flaskaholic was created to celebrate the classic tradition of hip flasks; being able to carry around booze in a discreet, respectable way and enjoy a sip of liquor whenever and wherever one wishes to do so.


To this end, the Flaskaholic team is looking at hip flasks in the broadest way possible. Not as a mere alcohol container, but as a cultural and social mark.


We aim to create the most complete source on the web for hip flasks. We review the top manufacturers of cool hip flasks and well as provide detailed guides for types of hip flasks, best hip flasks for men, best hip flasks for women and best personalized hip flasks.


On the blog, our team explores the wider cultural context of hip flasks and the undeniable connection to social alcohol consumption.



The Team

A mix of liquor-infused writers and consumerism experts, our team is working together toward a shared goal – giving back the hip flask the spot in the limelight it so deserves.