Travel Well, Travel with a Flask

February 28, 2019
A flask is a man’s best friend – and a woman’s – when traveling. Although you won’t find it in Essentials lists for travel, it doesn’t mean it’s not a must. Some things in life are too meaningful to be reduced to elementary listicles on the internet. A hip flask when you are away from … Continue reading "Travel Well, Travel with a Flask"

World Beer Cup 2018

June 13, 2018
Truth be told, we’re not the biggest soccer fans in the world. We are fans of booze data though. If you can tell us how many shots of vodka will be downed in Russia in the next month – wow! You got our attention. So we decided to shake together our love of booze data with … Continue reading "World Beer Cup 2018"

Famous Heaviest Drinkers in History – with Beards

March 27, 2018
(or at least a mustache, or bushy sideburns) There are two kinds of men who drank a great deal; the great ones and the awful ones. Obviously, we’ll focus on the great drinkers in history, and from those, the ones that had beards. Now at first the connection between excessive alcohol consumption and growing facial … Continue reading "Famous Heaviest Drinkers in History – with Beards"

Why Food Porn is More Popular Than Cocktail Photography?

December 17, 2017
The term food porn has come to prominence due to the rise of Instagram. We don’t specifically recall anyone yanking out their DSLR and pointing it to their plate in the pre-Insta era, so one might wonder why have phone cameras all of a sudden turned their attention at food. But this is all part … Continue reading "Why Food Porn is More Popular Than Cocktail Photography?"

A Toast to the Black and White Glory of Las Vegas

November 9, 2017
We are fond of Vegas. We said it before, we’ll say it again. As we might have a few issues with the Vegas of today, as we wrote about here, we are in love with the old, classy and elegant Vegas of old black and white photographs. So we’ll put our hip flasks aside for … Continue reading "A Toast to the Black and White Glory of Las Vegas"

Personalized Flasks Are the Best Gift for Special Occasions

September 12, 2017
Flasks, by their nature, are a fantastic item for personalization and customization. A hip flask can be anything from a generic discrete drinking vessel, to a flashy and gaudy piece of jewelry that just happens to be able to contain liquor- they can truly be as unique as those who are set to receive them; … Continue reading "Personalized Flasks Are the Best Gift for Special Occasions"

When You Could Really Use a Swig from a Hidden Flask

August 10, 2017
Let’s get one thing clear from the get-go – we’re the not the ones to support or encourage excessive drinking. With that said, there are times in life when a bit of booze is needed; even encouraged. Nothing too drastic, just a swig or two to take the edge off. In those times, utilizing a … Continue reading "When You Could Really Use a Swig from a Hidden Flask"

Game of Thrones Season 7 Drinking Game

July 17, 2017
by Kevin Michael Boyle Our long watch is finally over, as Game of Thrones returns to define our Sunday nights once more. Season seven promises to be the show’s most epic year yet, as Dany finally returns to Westeros, Cersei sits on the Iron Throne, Arya could be literally anywhere, and Jon Snow is the new … Continue reading "Game of Thrones Season 7 Drinking Game"

A Game of Thrones & Cocktails

July 17, 2017
by Triston Brewer Are you ready for winter? Ready or not, it’s a-coming and now that GoT has returned to screens worldwide for its seventh season, what better way to feel like you are on the battle lines than by imbibing in your favorite (or soon to be) drinks that match your perspective on who … Continue reading "A Game of Thrones & Cocktails"

Our Favorite Top Hip Flask Brands

Choosing the best stylish flasks, the most trendy hip flasks is close to impossible. To begin with, it’s a matter of taste; each to her or his booze container. Also, the selection is pretty close to endless. But, but, since we live on flask fumes, we do have our favorite brands. So, for your consideration, here’s our selection of the most fashionable flasks.

Signature Material
Average Price
Standout Flask
Top flask
  • Vintage vibe
  • Attention to details
$75 - 120
  • Clean cut cool
  • Highly durable
  • Fresh & upbeat
  • Hundreds of designs
Stainless Steel with prints
  • Aristocratic elegance
  • Made to impress
  • Old-world charm
  • Handmade

So Many Types of Flasks in the World

Yes they are. It’s not surprising actually, considering that flasks have been around for quite a long while. So, what are the best types of hip flasks to consider?
Here’s a quick roundup:

Stainless Steel Flasks

The most popular type, affordable, durable and comes in an endless variety of designs.

Leather Flasks

Stainless steel wrapped in leather, for a more rustic look.

Pewter Flasks

Classier and more pricey; a distinct look.

Copper Flasks

The old school version of hip flasks; a winning color.

Sterling Silver Flasks

Elegant, stylish and expensive.

Titanium Flasks

The hip-ster flask of the moment for the aware drinker.

Stylish Flasks for Men, Fashionable Flasks for Women

There is and there isn’t. The world of style and fashion has shifted to Gender Fluid Mode, so whatever liquor container you feel comfortable with, go for it.

Still – personally we feel that girly flasks like garter flasks, bracelet flasks or purse flasks should be carried by the ladies, but hey, we’re not judging. And if you, yes the feminine looking person over there wish to purchase a sturdy titanium flask, that’s OK too.

The Best Hip Flasks Come in All Shapes and Sizes

They do. From tiny, hidden flasks of 1oz all the way to oversized 10oz flasks. We are traditionalists ourselves, we like our cool hip flasks like we like our smartphones – at a reasonable size. So we go for the classic 6oz flask, or its slightly beefier brother, the 8oz flask.

So You’ve Decided You Want to Buy a Cool Hip Flask

We support your decision. First and foremost, flasks are a cool accessory. And – very useful, especially with the rising prices of alcohol. Obviously we encourage responsible drinking, but that’s totally not a problem – cool flasks hold a pretty small amount of booze after all, a few swigs and you’re done.

Start with your budget, since the selection is immense; that will narrow you down a bit. Next, go over the different types of flasks and figure out which is the best hip flask for you.

From there we can’t help you. It’s a matter of personal taste. And don’t worry – as we’ve mentioned before, the selection for best flasks is incredible. There are amazing and super stylish flasks for women in any design imaginable. As for you gentlemen, you’ve got your work cut out for you as well; the variety of flasks for men would not disappoint you.

Personalized Flasks Are All the Rage

Personalization has taken over many different aspects of lives, so why not flasks? We are fed up with the generic, the mass-produced, we’re after the unique, the different, the personalized.

Highly popular for groomsmen and bridesmaids, engraved flasks might be a bit of a cliché, but they are also a cool souvenir from a special occasion; we are aloud to be sentimental about special occasions, that’s what they’re for. You can also buy flasks on group deal & discount sites.